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Analog Advisor Podcast Episode 5: The Future is Analog with David Sax

This week on the podcast, Wes is joined once again by David Sax to discuss his latest book, "The Future Is Analog", which was released today. In this episode, Wes and David explore how the digital future we’ve been promised for so long fell flat when the pandemic hit, and what implications that has for how we structure our lives going forward. You won't want to miss it!

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Go Global for Diversification That Travels Well

US-based investors may believe they know America best. Accordingly, they are liable to put the bulk of their investments in stocks and bonds of US-based companies and in US federal and municipal fixed income securities. Given the size and relative safety of this market, that may seem a sound approach. Yet this strategy has some holes. “Home bias”1 can limit your investment opportunities and constrain your ability to benefit from diversification.

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