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Quarterly Market Review: Q3 2020

The elevated value of the stock market has become disconnected from a weakened economy for a variety of reasons. The confluence of these factors has brought stock market prices back to near-record highs, or allowed them to begin recovering quickly - even while the economy is slowly recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Provided that governments maintain their support for the market and economy, and consumers remain committed to investing, we expect growth in the stock market to continue.


Quarterly Market Review: Q2 2020

With activity in many industries sharply curtailed in an effort to reduce the chances of spreading the coronavirus, some economists say a recession is inevitable, if one hasn’t already begun. From a markets perspective, we have already experienced a drop in stocks, as prices have likely incorporated the growing chance of recession. Investors may be tempted to abandon equities and go to cash because of perceptions of recessions and their impact. But across the two years that follow a recession’s onset, equities have a history of positive performance.