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Long-Term Disability Insurance: You Likely Need More Protection Than You Have

If your ability to pay your family’s monthly living expenses relies upon maintaining your current income, this article is for you. Or, if your future lifestyle needs, wants and dreams—your retirement goals, in other words—depend on your ability to save a certain portion of your income for years to come, then this article is applicable to you as well. Or, if down the road you want to help your children finance their college expenses but have not yet saved enough to meet that goal, continue reading.

Insurance Family Planning

Quarterly Market Review: Q3 2021

Politics and global affairs were front and center in September as the uncertain future of Chinese real estate group Evergrande sparked concern among investors internationally, and the continued debate in Congress over raising the U.S. federal debt ceiling caused apprehension in markets at home and abroad. As was the case during the previous quarter, investors continued to eye potential action by the Federal Reserve as markets continued to price in elevated inflation expectations. These events and other factors were able to stall overall stock market growth for the quarter.